Forgiving The Betrayal

As Christy got back home, she ripped off a cute looking envelope to find a beautiful wedding invitation card. Tears started to roll down her cheeks as it reminded her of what happened to her just a few months ago. She looked around the empty house, feeling angry, lonely and sad at the same time.

Just a few months ago, she was the happiest woman on Earth when she got married. She pictured herself having a happily ever after fairy tale where she would wake up to a loving husband and naughty kids everyday. Now, the fairy tale was over and she could not believe it. There she was sitting all by herself in a big house with nobody else around. Her husband, Adam was now staying in another neighbourhood as she drove him out after founding out that he had cheated on her.

Many times, the thought of forgiving Adam crossed her mind but she could never do it as she remembers how he had betrayed her trust and love. She felt angry with the world as she feels that she was being punished for something that wasn’t her fault in the first place.

Throwing the wedding invitation aside, she was determined to live a better life without the anger and hatred. She wished that she had the strength to forgive Adam. At this moment, she suddenly thought of Michelle, a good friend of hers back in college who was in a similar situation as her. Michelle was also betrayed once but was able to bounce back and continue her happy marriage with her husband. Immediately, she reached for her phone and decided to ring up Michelle for some advices.

It took a while but the call finally got through and Michelle sounded as cheerful as anyone could be. Just the sound of her voice lifted Christy’s spirit a little. Michelle told her that even though everything was great now, she felt as bad as Christy when the betrayal just happened to her too. She recalled how she refused to leave her room and eat for days! As she was browsing Facebook one day, she came across some interesting articles about positivity and forgiveness. At this point of her life, those articles saved her life. She begin to feel more optimistic and was able to move on with her life. However, deep down, she still find it hard to forgive her husband for his betrayal and was ready to file a divorce with him.

Just on the day prior to visiting the divorce lawyer, she came across the Forgiveness Prayer that changed her life forever. Because of this one prayer below, she learnt that Forgiveness is for herself. After reading the prayer and taking it in, she was able to let go of her husband’s past mistake and give him another chance to make the marriage work again. Below is the Forgiveness prayer.

"If I have harmed anyone in any way either knowingly or unknowingly through my own confusions, I ask their forgiveness. If anyone has harmed me in any way either knowingly or unknowingly through their own confusions, I forgive them. And if there is a situation I am not yet ready to forgive, I forgive myself for that. For all the ways that I harm myself, negate, doubt, belittle myself, judge or be unkind to myself through my own confusions, I forgive myself."

As Michelle recited the Forgiveness Prayer to her, Christy loved it and felt that this could be it! She felt ready to forgive her husband and get back to the happy life they had prior to the betrayal.

The next day, she woke up, looked around and notice the emptiness of the house. Thoughts of betrayal and emotions of anger swarmed into her mind again. Once again, she felt hard to forgive her husband and just let go. She has forgotten the Forgiveness Prayer and she wanted to read it again hoping that it could bring her better sense of peace and forgiveness. She began searching for it on the internet and was relieved that she felt better again after reading it. Now, she wouldn’t want to leave it to chances tomorrow as she was determined to be ready to forgive. She began searching again on the internet on ways that could help her to be constantly in a better state of mind to forgive.

Just when she was about to give up searching, she chanced upon Roundins’ Forgiveness ring. It was a beautiful ring with the Forgiveness Prayer engraved on its surface. As she was about to make a purchase, she hesitated. She felt silly of the thought that she needed an object for her to be in a better state of mind to forgive. Then again, she thought that if an inexpensive ring like this could save her marriage, she had to give it a shot.

She bought the ring and it arrived in a few days. Once she wore the Forgiveness ring, she felt confident on her ability to forgive her husband Adam so that he could have a chance to salvage the marriage. She immediately asked to meet him and with the ring as a constant reminder on the beauty of Forgiveness, she was able to be in a higher state of mind where she was able to forgive her husband and look forward to a happier future with him.

Now, she lives happily with Adam who is the dream role model husband in her neighbourhood. They had 3 children and was able to go on many family vacations with love and happiness. Besides forgiving her husband, the ring has also helped Christy to practice Forgiveness in every situation. Forgiving others and herself, forgiveness has become second nature to Christy and she no longer need to wear the ring to be forgiving anymore. Being forgiving has helped her to have a more positive outlook in life. When a person is forgiving and positive, it is contagious as you can see positivity beaming from her husband and children.

If you are in a similar situation or if you are looking to drop your anger and hatred either for yourself or people around you, you should consider reading the Forgiveness Prayer often.

If you do not want to take any chances and needs a reminder to constantly practice Forgiveness so that it becomes second nature to you, you can consider getting the Forgiveness ring shown below.

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