Transform Destructive Emotions

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer said you can be happy or you can be right, but you can’t be both. We must let go of destructive emotions to discover peace and happiness because the two cannot coexist.

Irrespective of the circumstances, you respond to the past with compassion, not holding on to the experiences.

Confucius said: “The more you know yourself, the more you forgive yourself.”

So, you choose positive emotions if you wish to live a fulfilling life.

Anger and resentment is a call for self-love since what you crave is to be loved and appreciated.

In light of that, let go of that which stands in your way because forgiveness is the bridge that leads you there.

Look into your heart and forgive yourself for being co-conspirators in the experience. A co-conspirator is identified as someone involved in the experience instead of consenting to it.

“Rather than forgiving the perpetrator or minimizing the intensity of the misdeed, you recover the empowerment and self-worthiness you thought had been taken from you,” states author Mario Martinez.

You forgive that part of you that holds on to resentment and in doing so, you transform any destructive emotions and rise above fear.

It was the late psychiatrist and consciousness research Dr. David Hawkins who showed that Fear has a lower consciousness level, in contrast to Love which registers higher. Fear registers as 100 on a logarithmic scale, while Love registers as 500. The energy of Love is calibrated higher and capable of disentangling lower emotional states.

When faced with holding on to anger and resentment, forgive yourself and others. Each time you experience fear, choose forgiveness over hatred.

As you do, you heal yourself and raise your awareness, leading to inner freedom.

I wish to leave you with a poignant quote from author Dennis Merritt Jones in his book Your Redefining Moments: “Forgiveness is the practice that opens the window and exposes our wounds to the Light, and it is a practice that, as long as we live in a human skin, we’ll have a need to employ throughout our lives.”

By exposing your wounds to the Light not only do you heal your suffering, you invite Love to transform your anguish.

In that act of clemency you are reunited with the wholeness of who you are.

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