Our Story


"The world is a better place with more forgiveness, love and peace."


My best friend Christy and I were on a spiritual vacation at Hawaii after her divorce.

We both wanted to get away the busy life in New York and were seeking forgiveness and inner peace.

While having tea at a cafe, we saw the Forgiveness Prayer written on the wall.

As we read the prayer, both of us began to break down and cry.

It was a beautiful moment for both of us as we felt that the anger and resentment within us was released.

Christy was angry at her ex-husband and herself for not keeping her marriage and I was angry at myself for losing my job again.

Throughout our trip in Hawaii, the beauty of the Forgiveness Prayer stuck in our heads and that’s when we had the idea of engraving the whole Forgiveness Prayer onto a ring.

Just like how the wedding rings remind the couples of their love and commitment. A Forgiveness Ring can help one remind themselves to be more forgiving.

We understand how hard it can be to be forgiving to ourselves and others around us. We believe that having a meaningful ring that helps to remind us would help.

Initially, we struggled as it is difficult to get the entire prayer onto a small ring. Many manufacturers told us that it's impossible but we never gave up. Through some good luck and persistence, we finally found a factory that would do the engravings for us. That's when the Forgiveness Ring was born.

Ever since then, we had not looked back. We begin promoting the ring on social media and many of our customers love it!

Some love the meaning of the ring, some love how beautiful the ring looks, some love the quality of the ring and some just love us!

Join us in promoting love and peace by getting a Forgiveness Ring today and begin your journey to a better you.