About Us


Mindful. Meaning. Minimal.

Roundins is created because everything should be purposefully made with meaning. We know that any token which we treasure often evoke a feeling deep in us, even in our hurried and frazzled lives. We want to embody these moments of emotion to enrich our souls and fuel our emotional tank.

Every piece we create at Roundins, carries a deeper meaning to connect our soul in a deeper level. The simplicity in our design is tastefully curated to epitomize the moment of mindfulness which we all need to make us soulfully happy.


Quality. Design. Elegance.

At Roundins, we value quality as much as design. By partnering directly with jewelers and designers from all over the world, we combine our ideas, inspiration and exceptional craftsmanship to create beautiful elegant pieces and deliver them directly to you at fair prices.


Inspired by real-life stories, emotions, ideas, experiences.

We are inspired by the innovators, the dreamers and the misfits; and our design inspiration comes from real-life stories, emotions, ideas and experiences of these people. Our ultimate mission is to inspire you to create meaning in your life, be different and live life on your own terms.